In a way, Tumblr is exactly like the lovechild of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Tumblr is like YouTube because not only do you have v-blogging, text updates, and other features that are prominent on YouTube’s community features, but if you think about it, subscribers on there are exactly like followers on here. If you’re following someone, you still get all the info that you would get if you subscribed to someone on YouTube, and much more. Plus, there are also “You Follow, I Follow” people on here, as there are “Sub4Sub” people on YouTube. However, I’m not saying Tumblr is EXACTLY like YouTube. We lack a rating system similar to YouTube, we lack playlists and other features… and be honest. Have you ever heard of a video that went viral through Tumblr?
  • Tumblr is also somewhat like Twitter! In fact, they use the same exact word for people who get updated on your posts. Followers. Follow 4 Follow people are rarer on Twitter than here, but they’re still abundant in both fields. We’re better than Twitter in some ways because we not only don’t have AN ANNOYING LETTER LIMIT ON OUR TEXT UPDATES, but we’re also more organized in the way that we post things. We have different categories for posting text and media while Twitter just stuffs it into one 140-character bar and tells us that’s enough. It’s kind of like having either a steak dinner with side dishes of fries and fruit, or having a steak sandwich with fries and fruit stuffed into it. Which sounds more appetizing?
  • Tumblr is also a little bit like Facebook! We share the organization system with them when it comes to separating the different kinds of media and text, except we have more categories than they do. We also share the capacity for infinite characters in text updates, which is pretty fricking schweet. One thing we lack that Facebook has is IM Chat. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to instantly IM the people you follow on here? Being able to have back and forth talk to the person who’s entertained you with his posts for so long in private? I think so. But that’s just me. I’d love to hear what you guys think!